Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: Tanu Weds Manu Returns

A Joyful Return Of The Crazy Newlyweds

4 happy stars!

Mini Review:

It's a mad return of wilful Tanu and stoic Manu and a mindblowingly brilliant cast of lovable characters led by the amazingly talented Deepak Dobriyal. It is a wild, colorful, people filled ride which makes for a fun watch. The dialog sparkles with wit and you'll want to watch it again to write down words and use them for your own marriage!

Main Review:

Do not miss the beginning of this movie. Do not start eating pop corn before you the opening credits, or you will be spilling the corn on the floor after hearing the corniest, the maddest argument in the war of the sexes after Pyar Ka Punchnama.

Do not take people who are often heard saying, 'I don't understand Hindi' to watch the movie with you. You might clobber them with something heavy because they won't understand the movie. It's not that the movie uses complicated Hindi. This movie joyfully celebrates the languages and the screenwriter Himanshu Sharma plays with the language like you have never heard before. 'Arhar ki daal mein koi ajino moto daalta hai?' is funny only when you understand the language. I'm dying to tell you the brilliant conversation between Jimmy Shergill and Mohommed Zeeshan Ayyub but I will let you discover it yourself!

Do not worry if your attention span is low and you miss the funny lines that come at you in rapid succession. You should just watch the movie again. I will too. And watch it whenever it shows up on TV. This movie is that engaging.

Besides the star script, the casting is absolutely top notch. Deepak Dobriyal is perfect as the hero's side-kick, the voice of reason, the starter of mad schemes, the friend everyone needs to have. You laugh with him even when he's joyfully claiming, 'Saath hazaar ka ticket thaa naa' that's why he's taking in the sights instead of doing the job he was sent to do! And you love him when he's happily reacting to KK Raina's logic of drinking alcohol. 

Then there's the ever amazing Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who  has the best lines as a lad friendzoned. His, 'Paan laga!' is the most heartfelt frustrated request in the movies! That brings us to the jilted at altar Jimmy Shergill. He's too good looking to be claiming that he's not had a chance of riding the ghodi! And you like him simply because he can be the Avasthi-ji who is old fashioned enough to not drink in the morning, and also be the Avasthi-ji who carries the gas cylinder simply because Tanu is doing what she's doing. 

Swara Bhaskar and Eijaaz Khan as Payal and Jassi are as adorable as ever. Datto's brother played by Rajesh Sharma is as good as all his other roles. His reaction after giving away his box of matches is matchless! Even the lawyer who explains the difference between a different types of legal notices is well cast! Manu's mom does not have much screen time, but her nagging which is triggered off by her husband's pony tail is the funniest you have ever heard. Tanu's parents are just as scandalised by her in this movie as they were in the first one. That brings us to the brilliant Tanu Trivedi - Kangna Ranaut. She excels in a double role and the hard work she has put in (along with the director, of course) to change her body language as well as diction shows. You would be scratching your head and wondering why she did the roles she did in the movies before Queen. Madhavan is as stoic as ever, but his Manu is meant to be a foil to the wild Tanu and he does all this and more rather well. Kangna as Datto is even better and you love her for her 'sports quota' talk as well as her feminine pride when wearing earrings and sharing home made food with Manu...

Even though there are many moments in the movie that touch your heart, nothing prepares you for the final confrontation between Tanu and Datto.  

I have given away too much, isn't it? Most reviews will. Do yourself a favor. Just watch the movie. You still want to know why it does not get five stars? Well, the second half sort of becomes too much of a Khichdi because there are too many stories ends that need to be tied up. But what a tasty khichdi it is, so it does not matter. You should be like the irrepressible Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal), shrug your shoulders and say, 'Dhat!' 

Go on, book those tickets now. Not just for yourself, but also for those unhappily married couples who probably have sex once a bhai dooj! Who knows, you might bump into all the movie critics who would have enjoyed the movie and want to 'Lol' again! 

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