Monday, July 04, 2005

honest effort!

how unfortunate can one get!
step in front of a bus,
its brakes are working fine.
no nudge, no fall.
only angry commuters,
and muddy clothes.
death would have been
a mere hiccup
in their everyday lives.

step out on the ledge.
realize one is not wearing
matching underwear,
so step back in.
malt is borrowed courage,
but doesn't drown
ingrained Cosmo rules.

walk beside the churning seas,
with an intent to walk into them
and never look back.
but self styled baywatch bhais,
drag me out, wet,
and my hair is so fucked!
oil streaks, sand and beach debris.

see, it was easy enough to
destroy my words
that go with my name,
the delete key proved very handy.
but you want silence,
complete silence.
but each time i close my eyes
i feel your arms around me,
and my plans are postponed
for the next moment without you.

i'm trying, i'm trying hard
(cross my heart!)
to give you the silence you asked.
just that damned love keeps
getting in the way.


wish i could steal
your laughter to add to
my hoarded desires.

wish i could sneak
into your head
and plant dreams

wish i could walk
in the rain with you
like once before

wish i could
offer you silence
without missing you.

(credit for phrase 'hoarded desires' goes to khuto. wish i had thought it up.)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

khisiani now

Every time I open the bloody newspapers, sunday or otherwise, I come across the whiskey set complaining how tough it is to get home from the airport in this rainy water-clogged season. i bet if he were asked to donate the money that he spends on just one bottle of whiskey towards a 'take your city in your own hands' program, he would be the first to slink away in the shadows where he really truly belongs.

i am a nobody but i am going to give it a try. i am going to start this process of finding out how many people are ready to not put up with the bullshit the BMC feeds us any more. fed up with rubbish that we are fed day after soggy day about everything.

if you happen to read this and have ideas, share.

am usually mild mannered. but right now i am wagging an angry tail.

Friday, July 01, 2005

turn to shah rukh

have chased,
have trusted,
have discovered,
have found,
have given,

hey! stop right there.
who asked you?
who forced you?
don't whine now.
about desires,
about connections,
and don't even mention
that overused word
called 'lurrve'.

its a game, you know.
and you're getting
boringly predictable.
if you can't play the game
step out, save yourself.
you're too old,
and look needy.
that's pathetic, you know.

so no writing
lovelorn lyrics,
on ridiculous blogs,
about passionate kisses
on rainy afternoons.

get yourself a haircut,
and shiny dupattas,
for flowery salwaars.
go join a kitty party,
and have very loud
fatty aunty lunches.
and watch shah rukh
bathe topless
in inane movies.