Friday, May 15, 2015



4 stars

Mini Review:

There are Polecats and Flamers chasing you. There are tyre slashers and men who want to overtake you just to slow you down. There are vehicles with boom boxes so loud you might have to go off road just to stop being deafened by the noise. There are creatures who think road safety is for sissies. There are people shooting at you because they can. And it's awesome. 

Main Review:



This movie makes you want to run down to the parking lot in your building and pat your little car for keeping the dust and the dirt of the city away from you. This movie will make you appreciate the non stop chatter of RJs on the radio you hear during your daily commute. This movie might even make you smile at the cops waiting around the corner to fine you for a traffic infraction from an 1872 rule book. This movie will make you run to the gym because the apocalyptic future might be nearer than we think, and we need to be ready for it.

Miller puts all the excitement your heart can take in this two hour road rage movie than all the rage movies put together. This movie makes your little Bollywood rage movie like NH10 and Badlapur look like your first homework in Kindergarten. This even makes Ichi The Killer look like a Christmas movie you can watch with the family.

You will find yourself holding your breath in the chase sequences. Wait. This is a chase on the road movie. So you better take someone along (preferably someone who knows CPR) so you can nudge each other in case you hold your breath so long that you might pass out... And you will be relieved to hear familiar gasps of air in the theater because everyone is holding their breath.

Mad Max is an apocalyptic story and yes, you may have heard about Mel Gibson and Tina Turner and other movies, but this one is totally special. You need not have watched any of these movies. You will 'get' the story. 

That worry over, just sit back and enjoy the tale. I even forgot I was wearing the 3D glasses. 

And just when you thought Truffaut had a great ending to 400 blows, Miller makes you facepalm with pure logic and plunges you right back into the beginning of the movie. And it gets even louder and badder and crazier. 

You come out wanting to decapitate the autowallah who overtakes your little car from the wrong side and screeches to a halt at the amber light. Doesn't everyone speed up at amber lights? Where did he come from? You wish you had the Bane like breathing apparatus on your face when you over take him again and give him the evil eye.

I loved Charlize Theron. She kicks butt. And I loved Nux and his evil ways. I loved Tom Hardy. I loved the old woman with the seeds. I loved the red-headed wife. I loved the guy with a nose covering jewelry. I was creeped out by the baddies. I was scared of the polecats. I was afraid of the flame throwers. I was jolted out of my seat every time a car crashed into another...

I loved Mad Max. But one word of advice. Don't drive after you watch the movie. You might drive like Immortan Joe were chasing you...

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Thomas Watson said...

One of the most epic action movies of all time.