Friday, May 08, 2015

Review: Hot Pursuit

The Trail Is Cold...

1 star

Mini Review: 

Yes, I laughed. Because the jokes were cheap (though not enough), and I so badly wanted a girl buddy movie to be funny. 

Main Review:

This should have been funny: a girl cop and a woman bandit forced to be on the road together. But you can see the jokes coming at you from a mile away.

It could have been funnier: Sofia Vergara's oomph and Reese Witherspoon's non-oomph. But both women are made to look so desperate you 'heh, heh' and hope things will change.

This movie is funny because you have seen buddy cop and robber road movies before and that they were funny and you remember Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar could be funny too.

This movie could have been funnier had they allowed Sofia Vergara's natural talent for delivering outrageous lines to work, instead of trying so hard to make Reese Witherspoon sound funny as a strait-laced cop.   

Yes, I laughed at Reese Witherspoon's granny panties but not before I stomped on the logical voice inside my head to stop saying, 'Didn't she just happily accept that she (like most 'white women) has a flat butt, then where does this large derriere come from?'

Yes, the movie has 'these' jokes. The make-up is so bad, you want Sofia Vergara to sue Warner for making her look tired. In order to make Reese Witherspoon look like a lad, they make her go on and on and on about 10-42 and 10-20 (policespeak) and you look at your watch again and again to see if it was 87 minutes yet.

I give it one star because both stars tried so hard to be funny. The out-takes say so. But you know that they know the script fails them at many levels... Why did they not borrow leftover jokes from Legally Blonde or Modern Family? The result would have been funnier...

p.s. watch it on tv on a slow week...

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