Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: Jai Ho Democracy

It's Not A Satire, It's A Shame

No stars

Mini Review:

What can you say about a movie that has a fine star cast but manages to kill each of your finer feelings within ten minutes? 

Main Review:

It's not just Adil Hussain and Amir Bashir who break the audience's hearts but Seema Biswas as well. When you watch them throw things at each other, you know this is not a satire. It is just pure drivel.

Om Puri gave us the creepiest scene of cinema ever when he snogged Mallika Sherwat's shoulder in Dirty Politics, so when you see him here, you begin to dread another scene like that but someone knocks him with a sculpture on screen and you clap, but only after you've thrown up that pent up puke into your neighbor's messenger bag. 

Satish Kaushik is a UP politician and Annu Kapoor is supposed to be a veshti wearing South Indian but they are such awful caricatures that you forget Annu Kapoor did such a wonderful job as Paresh Rawal's Urdu speaking neighbor in Dharam Sankat Mein.

The movie starts out as a minor crisis on the Indo Pak border and is happily blown up into a debate by politicians. You grit your teeth as you can see what is about to come a mile away. A glorious insult to the armed forces (on both sides) by turning them into caricatures with white enamel mugs.

Didn't the white enamel mugs die after those horrendous army movies of the 70s?

The film deteriorates into Indian and Pakistani soldiers getting drunk and the politicians beating each other silly. Not something you want to see unless you wish to never procreate.

We emerged from the theater feeling bad for all those actors who have been reduced to play such roles because it brings them lunch money. And numbed by people who must have patted each other's backs for having made a 'political satire'...


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