Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Mr. X

Mr.Xindia without Mogambo

1.5 stars

Mini Review:

Comparisons with Mr.India are natural and you wish there were a big, bad Mogambo for Mr.X to defeat. But it turned out to be a fun, corny take on something you have seen before. 

Main Review:

The heroine is too thin to do a sensual Kaate Nahi Kat-te Din Ye Raat, so they have a watered down (literally) kissing thing in the shower. 

That out of the way, let me go back to the original lament. There is no big, bad Mogambo who has big villainous plans. So the hero is merely doing the badla thing for people who made him do bad stuff. Give me missiles ready to go off and destroy the planet, give me colorful acid baths, give me hungry tigers ready to make a meal out of hero's mother and sister and unsuspecting villagers... But I digress.

This movie, offers you totally out of context dialog from Mr.India. Now imagine you are in an episode of MST3K where you watch Emraan Hashmi but the dialog is from the original movie... The crowd scenes, the mall scenes, the police Maruti cars are Indian, but the moment Mr.Hashmi and his thin girl get home, we are transported to 'foreign'. But as Mr.India says, 'Ghar... Ghar ke aage balcony...Balcony ke aagey garden...Garden ke aagey samundar!'

The special effects are 2015, so it's fun to see Emraan Hashmi appear and disappear. But after a while they forget what makes him appear and what disappear and that makes you laugh into your nachos and you spill salsa.

I wish this movie had not taken the whole revenge for the wrongful death thing so seriously. Mr.India was so much fun! This is all 'I want to kill them!' Get's tedious after a while because there are only 3 people to be killed and they're practically sitting ducks. So your mind wanders off into the weird science museum in your head, and you ask questions like: How come he is fully clothed when he's invisibile? How come the gun he's carrying is not affected by it? If he's nothing but vapour, then can he lift real objects? Can he make out? 

Then you laugh out loud when he's earnestly telling his girl that his life is now crap because he can't live a normal life, cannot have kids... and he's moved to a half shadow half light scene where the lower portion of his body is invisible! I'm sure they didn't intend this to be funny... But here I was, laughing so much the left over salsa was spilt again. 

Arunoday Singh makes for cute bad guy, but someone needs to tell him that he's not Hulk, and he does not need to stomp his feet quite like what he does during the last fight...

I'm sorry for the spoiler that he's the villain. But when one of the bad guys called Tiwari who drives a Mercedes suddenly starts speaking in Bhojpuri, you realise that this movie is now cornier than Kansas in August.

Wait for the movie to show up on your TV. I like Emraan's earnestness. But seriously, all the songs he sings in all his movies now sound similar. 

It's a very tiring 125 minutes spent. There are twists and turns to Mr.Xindia you have seen in so many movies before, you don't even need google maps to check.

And yes, there's no Mogambo. 


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