Friday, May 20, 2016


Fassbender or Mcavoy? The heart's Doing A Calypso

3 and a 1/2 stars

Mini Review:

Just when you thought superhero movies were overdone with CGI and Hans Zimmer music, comes a brand new story of X men when they collide and collude with the first mutant ever. Unlike Captain America where you also took sides with warring superheroes, here you step ahead and invest emotionally with the good and the bad.

Main Review:

Your favorite superhero mutants are back! Still embarrassed to turn blue, unable to harness their powers, mad as hell and still trying to blend in with humans. And you love them because you discover new things about them. What made them angry, or loving, or cynical, or evil. It’s this kind of back stories told well that brings the fans - young and old alike - to the movies. If you are one, you will smile and say, ‘Aaah!’ with pleasure, ‘So that’s why it is That!’

Even if you are not a fan or have missed the first five films of the superheroes, you can simply enjoy the events unfolding on the screen. And by jove they are larger than life! Yes, it is loud and full of action, but there’s cheese too! Fun dialog that match the impossible antics of the superheroes. Sounds like a spoiler, but when you’re having fun, you don’t ask why someone has to hover in the air in order to rebuild something broken when others are standing on the ground to help do the same…

The story here takes us back to the first mutant whose powers increase with time… And the heroes we know and love are scattered, and in hiding. How everyone (or some!) joins their powers and defeats the bad guy is what you see on screen. If you know the story, why watch? Hmm… Herein lies the fun. Every single time this comic book franchise manages to keep you glued and tuned in. It has spectacular special effects (and you can see that Hollywood excels at it) and music that keeps you engrossed in the action.

Such a pleasure to watch a movie that all kinds of little reminders of earlier stories meshed beautifully in a brand new way. And a creepy, larger than life villain who does all kinds of things with…

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