Friday, May 27, 2016


Looked At Alice And Found Her Wanting

2 stars

Mini Review:

All the characters you love in Alice are still there for the headcount and it’s a brand new adventure. It’s fun and puns and lots of color, but then a tad let down when you realise the arch villain is actually a softy inside… The Magic seems to be gone...

Main Review:

When Johnny Depp is the mad Hatter, you know there will be the best kind of make-up and color and coolest hair and the wildest hats. When Alice is involved you will enjoy a wild ride through the most un-possible things. The characters you love are all there, but the zing is gone.

The wild thrill you felt when flamingoes were brought out for a game, when the card soldiers shuffled, when the wicked queen with the biggest head screamed, ‘Off with their heads!’ is sort of missing in this version of Alice.

Is it because Alice is now all grown up and it’s no longer the wonder you felt as a child that you feel when she does things? She’s grown up, and it seems a tad silly for her to jump into the mirror as a grown up. She suddenly seems… How do you put it… ‘Capable’. And that word takes away some of the fun from the adventure. It seems all so very ‘purposeful’ now. It’s like ‘I know I can save the Hatter, and this is how I’m going to do it.’

The CGI is all top notch, and the clothes are colorful (as they should be!) and the humor is gentle and built in to the plot, but the villains seem less villainous and you feel sorry for Time - the baddie because he’s really dying when the giant clocks begins to disintegrate. And if Alice is a grown up (a captain of a sea-faring ship, no less) how come she behaves like such an ingenue when she is in Wonderland? The story tries hard to keep your attention wandering to the phone clock, but it takes too long and the end is bit too tame…

Watch it because the kids are on their school breaks and you have a need for a nostalgia break.

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