Friday, May 13, 2016

Review: AZHAR

Nakko Banao Yaaron Aisi Picturaan! 

Ek star 

Mini Review:

Kaikoo Banate aisi picturaan? Na dil ko touch karta na kidney par leke piss marne ka man karta. Aur Azza Bhai sincerely try maarta, lekin kaun logaa maan lete ki woh makkhan se masoom hote? Aur sab effects ghar ke computer pe banaye lagte. Aise me Jungle Book dekh lete kya? Faltu mein ma ki kirkiri...

Main Review:

Audienece Ko Haula Samjha Kya?

Dekho, apun parsu paida nahi huye! Everyone knows that the team took bribes, they were all involved. And it was not just Indians but bribes were taken across all teams. This righteous anger for Azza does not touch anyone emotionally. Logaan Cricket ku bhagwan maante, aise mein dil ko chhoo lene wali koi baat kehte toh hamare baingan mein bhi bharta banta.

Special Effects Ka Achaar Mausi Ne Daala Kya?

Roz cricket dekhte hum logaan. Musi ke pani ko ganga maan sakte, lekin fillum ka cricket fake-ich lagta. It's just tacky.

Jaise Film Brands Ko Bechi Waise-ich Azza bhai Desh Ko...

Gitanjali jewels lovingly bought for wife. Macho underwear and undershirts prominently displayed... And even brought into dialog. If that is not laughable, what is?

Acting Aur Make Up Kya Thop Diye Miyaan, Aankhon Ko Bukhaar Hota

Lara Dutta should not shoot on days when recovering from cosmetic procedures. If she claims she's naturally beautiful then the director should make sure her cheeks are not unusually puffed up. The same goes for Prachi Desai. If she's going to cry so much, the touch up should not look like a fresh coat of war-paint. Nargis Fakhri too looks florid sometimes and pale in other scenes. 

And it's not only the women, but actors playing Azhar's teammates look off as well. The prosthetics/hair piece on Azza's lawyer's head looks as authentic as Donald Trump's hair.

Azza Court Mein Dus Saal Gaya. Film Bhi Utnich Lambi Lagti.

The trial drags on and on and on and no one believes anything that's happening. The film becomes tedious and you don't care whether Azhar was innocent or no. Azza may have played 99 tests, but the trial earns the film a duck.

Lite Lene Ki Koshish Kee. Lekin Mamu, Hard Luck...


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