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1 and ½ stars

Mini Review:

The movie spans only the period of April 2004 until October 18, 2004, but it feels like you have lived the life of Veerappan, in the jungles, surrounded by mosquitoes (and bad dialog and silly characters)... Even though the man who plays Veerappan looks spot on like the dacoit, Ram Gopal Varma misses this one by a mile.

Main Review:

The story plods on in the jungles and you hear constant gunfire between the soldiers and the dacoits. After the first hour, you wish they’d all kill each and finish it all. The documentary style narration of the events unfolding on the screen will make you run out for coffee. Especially because the story is mostly this:

The cops plan an action and the dacoits are one step ahead. Veerappan always kills the cops by beheading them with an ax, always telling the cops why he wants to kill them mercilessly. You stifle a giggle because no one checked the dialog: I will kill you so mercilessly, you will remember me.

Erm… If you are going to kill me, how will I remember anything? Yes, sometimes he does add: Dunia yaad rakhegi,

You want to ask: You are killing someone deep in the jungles, how will the world get to know?

But we are not looking for logic. We are happy that the actors of the hit  TV Show Crime Patrol get screen time as cops in the movie as well. The hero of the movie is Sunil Joshi and he’s still trying to sound like a cross between Amrish Puri and Amitabh Bachchan and failing to deliver 70s style bombastic dialog. Alas, he’s too short to carry off any dialog or look like a mastermind police officer who finally gets the dreaded dacoit.

The man who plays Veerappan, though, looks like he was born to the part. Creepy and cruel, he manages to make you cringe initially with his violence. But the story is so tedious, you really don’t care if the cops win or the dacoits. A shining beacon of relief is Usha Jadhav who plays Muthulaxmi, Veerappan’s wife. But she cannot carry the flag alone, can she? A couple of aerial shots  in the ravines and by the waterfalls make you wonder if there was something there. But the movie is mostly stupid overacting by supposedly evil characters like Arun who make you wish he actually snaps his neck while giving in to his kink.

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