Friday, April 29, 2016



1 star

Mini Review:

Why would anyone spend so much money and talent of young Tiger Shroff and make a ridiculous movie that is neither as powerful as The Raid: Redemption, nor is it Varsham. This is such an unintelligent dull copy that you emerge weary from the experience.

Main Review:

Martial Arts movies have a story that is so oft told, you don't have to offer any detailed explanations or back stories. We just accept a foolish apprentice learning from a master (Wax on, wax off!) who is killed by a villain with a super power. The apprentice avenges master's death by practicing hard.

Here in scenes borrowed straight out of Varsham, the hero and the heroine meet when it rains. The villain also falls for the heroine during the same rains. And with every next meeting the novelty of the romantic meet-cute goes down the drain. And twenty minutes into the movie you are soaked wet in this stupidity. Varsham be damned!

The hero is a reluctant student at the martial arts academy where the head teacher wears some Fu Man Chu style costume whilst teaching kalaripayattu. The teacher has a son (the villain!) who wears leather jackets and wanders about with a bunch of thugs. Why he lives in Bangkok and what brings him back to India no one knows, but everyone and every body is afraid of him, and that's clear. Villain in leather even kills his own dad because he wants to marry the heroine and his dad has arranged for villain to be married to some Mangalore girl. Some other lad would have been happy to just say, 'no', but villain being villain, he kills his dad.

Then leather wearing villain then abducts heroine and sets her up in his own Tower of Babel. Hero shows up to rescue heroine. But first he has to kill lots of murderous residents in that Tower of Babel. Every floor has baddies that grunt, growl and make guttural animal sounds. This could have been a copy of The Raid: Redemption, but you can hear Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian laughing their guts out somewhere in Indonesia whilst getting drunk. The hero who is known for his roundhouse kicks, punches and kicks his way up to the villain and forces him to remove the weird leather jacket.

I heaved a sigh of relief that the jacket came off but fell off my chair when I discovered that the villain was wearing a full sleeved tee inside! Poor man must be stifled inside! The hero screams, 'Aaaargh!' and you begin to wonder (between great guffaws) if the scream was in reaction to the awful body odor...

I wish the fights were a little more imaginative than roundhouse, punch, roundhouse, punch, roundhouse, punch... Yes, the screenwriter earns his money by writing one good line which comes out of nowhere (like the hero was suddenly mainlining on Arnie) and wakes you up. But that is only 1/2 a star worth line. The other half star is awarded to the hero's newly acquired facial fuzz that makes him look less like a princess and more like a boy. Looks like he is going to age well if he chooses better movies. But everything else is revolting. 

P.S. The 'yaya' kid is so annoying the tubby dad leaves midway. The heroine is so annoying her dad leaves the movie midway too. Conclusion: Save The World. Do not procreate.


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Sooo entertaining... Your review, of course :)