Friday, April 01, 2016


ALL It deserves is a GIANT zero

1/2 star

Mini Review:

Apart from it's mildly interesting special effects, this film has nothing going for it. Least of all the sulky young adult heroine who is never happy, never satisfied and never sure of what to do next. Forget being confident or taking into confidence the bunch of people who chose to escape with her. This post apocalyptic world is so terrible you don't care for its fate. Relegate this movie to the depths of also rans.

Main Review:

At the heels of Hunger Games and Maze Runner trilogies, came the Divergent series. This movie series too talks of a post nuclear holocaust world. Just like the other young adult fiction it divides the world into types and there are watchers and DNA manipulators who are watching the kids. The Giver had so much of substance than this crap.

What is so amazing is that they chose a permanently sulky girl to lead the motley bunch to revolution. There is no happiness on her face, and no gratitude toward her friends who risk as much as she does. She doesn't show any compassion or love (Hunger Games is a stark contrast) and looks like she does not trust anyone or believe anyone. Even when she kisses the hero, it looks like she is doing this because she was asked to kiss. Now who can identify with such a miserable character?

And her accent didn't endear her to me at all. The more I heard her say, 'Comin', 'Givin', 'Takin', 'Growin', 'Fallin', the more I wished for the voice coach from 'Singing in the Rain' would show up to tell her there is a letter 'g' that needs to be pronounced at the end of each of these words. 

The movie plot is so convoluted that you want to tell the villain, 'If you had gas that erases memories, and you have the technology, then why didn't you gas them all first and then fix everybody?' It would have saved us all the boring two hour ride with a miserable unhappy girl.

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