Saturday, April 23, 2016




Mini Review:

Lots of money has been wasted (turning black into white?) by taking the entire cast and crew to Fiji and letting them play Secret Agent Secret Agent with the most asinine scenes that have been put together by cretins. This film is an insult to the awesome Santa Banta Pjs we enjoy.

Main Review:

The villain's name is Sonu Sultan so calling him Rehana Sultan, Tipu Sultan, Razia Sultan, Sonu Nigam, Sonu Walia is supposed to be a joke.

And this goes on and on and on through the movie even though it has fallen flat after three 'Hain? Tipu Sultaan?' 

No amount of playing comic sounds as background score makes it funny. And neither does animation inserted in the middle of a scene. 

The cast sounds enviable: Boman Irani, Vir Das, Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra,Vijay Raaz, Ram Kapoor, Tinnu Anand, Vrajesh Hirjee, Vijay Patkar, Neha Dhupia and Lisa Hayden and more. But what are they doing?

Ram Kapoor is a villain who does not know what 'Luka Chhipi' is. Come on! You don't know hide and seek? This is the climax, by the way.

The two heroines are made to wear leather outfits. Someone forgot to tell the wardrobe assistants that they are shooting in Fiji. Whatever happened to bikini babes on the beach concept?

Johnny Lever is a Nepali Don hiding in a cave in Fiji. Before you can ask 'why?' you are shown Ayub Khan, the Indian Ambassador to Fiji (insert car name jokes Fiat, Mercedes etc here) has been kidnapped. Indian RAW agents threaten Fiji police, get their own agents in for investigation. The Boss (Tinnu Anand) yells at the second in command so much that the second-in-command (Vijay Raaz in a pony tail) sends to yokels Santa and Banta (Boman Irani and Vir Das) to sabotage the career of his boss.

Santa and Banta have dumb encounters with 'Chinese kha raha hai' ('angrezon ko kha gaya kya?' joke does not even raise a mild hyuck) Ranjeet, and Sanjay Mishra...

Obviously Santa and Banta have, 'Belt lagao!' orders and react with 'But hum toh naade waale hain'

The snores from the audience indicates that the jokes are trite and dead, and that it is ghastly to see decent actors make an ass of themselves. The only conclusion: the actors had better be paid well for this truly shitty film.

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