Friday, February 26, 2016


Silly Fun! Almost.

1 star

Mini Review:

You know this is a terrible film. It has all kinds of racist jokes. It has stupid gags. But you laugh at the sheer bravado of the writing. It has this, 'I dare you to keep a straight face!' kind of childish thing... And some jokes do make you laugh. Their tongues might be firmly in their cheeks, but you come away gritting your teeth mostly.

Main Review:

It's a sequel to a funny one trick pony idea wallah film. It's been years since the big bad dude Osama was killed. What is it that they could now say that is funny?

The film starts out on a very dull, predictable premise, and your eyes glaze over the scenes where the real producers of the film are seen listening to a narration from a hopeful filmmaker. But before you yawn, David DoSomething shows up on screen. Whiter than white and ready to serve his country.

When the President of the United States cannot get Osama out of his head, he calls on David to come and save the day. Shazam! David Chaddha.

The transformation is so gasp inducing, you look away from the screen, and grin helplessly as you see a big mole being attached. The mole gag is clever, but used too many times to be funny...

Meanwhile in Osama bhakt land, Khaleel the Mujahid is the head of a terrorist gang. He knows he needs Paddi Singh and a fake video to prove Osama is alive. David needs to film proof that Osama is dead. Mayhem ensues because both the CIA (that's 'Cinema In Amrika' for you ignorant multitudes, you!) and Khaleel the terrorist want Paddi Singh.

Almost hilarity happens when the two rival teams cross each other in cars marked 'CIA 2' and another with number plates 'POK 1971'.

The tussle for Osama Lookalike could be fun. But a little predictable. Some bits like Chirag using the supposedly fake gun killing the security guard are really funny. But Paddi Singh kissing the dead guard is plainly not. The cameo by Ali Zafar is pointless and pukeworthy (the song 'Six Pack Abs' could prove to be the worst songs of the year).   

In the 'Not funny', 'Waste of time' checklist are pointless events like 'Vehshat' Olympics for mujahids. The funniest gag about the suicide vest is relegated to the credits.

You do laugh at certain 'Pjs' but it is never a thigh-slapping, snort the cola out of your nose laugh. Wait for it to show up on cable, then judge it for yourself...

p.s. Sikander Kher in this new avatar is funny. 

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