Friday, February 12, 2016


It's So Good, You'd Cuddle Unicorns

4 Bullet Riddled Stars

Mini Review:

It's got so much attitude, you'd go down on your knees and... Yes, it's exactly what you imagined what I said...

And you'll have so much fun, you'll promise to seek out the Recruiter and buy growth serum for your children to enjoy this politically incorrect, outrageous film with you. 

Main Review:

There is a reason why so many of us enjoyed watching bodies splatter against the sidewalk after falling from a height. Why we enjoyed blood and bone and gore and went, 'Wo-ah!' and slapped our thighs in horrified glee when a knife slashed the skull and broke. Why we laughed when bullet went directly into the hero's anus and his suit has the burn mark to show it did...

The laughs begin when the clever titles call the Director a 'Tool' and while you are recovering from watching a superhero (Ryan Reynolds) taking a cab, you hear him say, 'Crotch Shot!' and then we choke on our popcorn when the screen is filled with his crotch.

Okay then! This is going to be a different kind of superhero film. And he's talking to you, the audience. Telling you that this is not a superhero film but a romantic comedy.

Erm... More like X-rated full frontal in-your-face blow your brains out film! And you see nothing wrong in watching him skewer a baddie on swords like a kebob. He says so while doing it. He talks and talks and talks and at one point when you feel that you are in a girls common room with all that chatter, the story comes around.

We begin to understand how he came to be Deadpool.

And then you realise that villain Ajax (Ed Skrein) is gorgeous and the villain's sidekick looks like Sunny Leone from the Heavyweight category.

The writing is clever and the action is superlative. And Deadpool is smarter than your average superhero film. You cannot take your eyes off the screen even if it only to wipe tears rolling down your eyes from all that laughing.

This just means that you have to see the film again. And that's a good thing, eh?

p.s. The Secret Of The Unicorn? Hahahahahahahaha! Wait to find out during the end credits... It's wicked, it's adult, and you won't stop laughing when you see the rainbow come out of the Unicorn's...


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