Friday, February 05, 2016

Review: The Finest Hours

Chris Pine, Wild Waves, Chris Pine, Chris Pine...

2 and 1/2 stars

Mini Review:

The bravest rescue at seas ever unfolds in front of us. Making the impossible rescue operation a delicious watch is Chris PIne who manages to look heroic and vulnerable at the same time. It is nothing less than exhilarating to watch the little boat brave the large waves crashing into the breakers and the rescue... 

Main Review:

When the news of two oil tankers breaking into half reaches the Coast Guard, the weather outside is at its worst. The flurry of snows is turning into a storm, and the possibility that young Bernie Webber is going to be able to rescue anyone that stormy night is near zero.

Plus, he owes the town a debt. Everyone thinks that he was at fault when a rescue mission in the past went horribly wrong because of his misjudgement. This time, no one believes that he will be able to steer his crew of three past the deadly breakers... In fact, they hope he dies trying.

Goaded by the unforgiving weather and even bigger guilt, Chris Pine takes the little boat to the broken tanker.

Now the story of the broken tanker and the 33 men on it is amazing too. When the water begins to pour in, you are swept into the story of the men who are trying to keep the water away from the air vents. We watch as the young Engine Room hero (Casey Affleck) attempts to bring order to chaos and rebellion in that broken ship.

I was terrified for the little rescue ship as much as I was scared for the big broken ship. But in the middle of all this there is the annoying girl Chris Pine is in love with. I have never understood women who fall in love with soldiers and warriors who begin whining about safety and cry, 'come back!' just when you need them to be as courageous as the warriors themselves. So we see this woman whine and whine and one kept hoping someone would slap her...

The rescue is a great watch and even though this is a Disney film, death is shown. That's new, isn't it?

Many people say that it would have been better as a documentary, but how many people watch documentaries on TV? I loved the drama in the film. It shows us how powerful nature really is. I came away awed in the true sense of the word. And of course it helps when there is Chris Pine...


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