Friday, January 17, 2014


two stars

Non Stop Action! Paisa Vasool!

Mini Review:

If you don’t want deal with the intricacies of thought that make spy stories fascinating, then this action packed chase filled drama is perfect paisa vasool!

Main Review:

After Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, the Jack Ryan franchise seems to get another boost with Chris Pine and his piercing blue eyes.

In this movie based on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, we see how Jack gets recruited into the CIA and gets called upon to save the Western world.

Now if logic is your forte, you’ll wonder how he hacks into some super smart villain’s bank account, figures out passwords, copies files easily, and does not once call tech support…

But if you love action, then you will be happy. Motorbike chases, car chases, sniper shots, bomb disposal, people evacuation, hand to hand fight, super awesome location shooting is all there to keep you riveted to the seat. There’s also cool spy stuff like handing over files and pen drives and stealing wallets and access cards and…

Kevin Costner looks so good in uniform, I missed a Keira Knightley scene after that visual. But she’s just the annoying love interest in the movie, whose job is to get kidnapped by the villain. And the scene where he asks Chris Pine if he could stop smiling… I was positively a puddle of fangirl mush. Thank goodness for press screenings. Am glad women have something to ogle at when their boyfriends/husbands are whooping at the car chases...

The movie has non-stop action which is great fun. It’s a good weekend watch and you will be one among the crowd emerging from the theater sighing either over Kevin Costner, Chris Pine’s blue eyes, Kenneth Branagh’s delicious villain-ness (directing himself after Hamlet), or Keira Knightley.

p.s. don’t watch the film with geeks. if you like this movie they will bring you down to your knees by changing the passwords on your computer as revenge.

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