Friday, March 04, 2016


London has fallen and nobody want to pick it up!

1/2 star

Mini Review:

Gerard Butler has a great hundred pack. Of carbines. To pump never ending bullets into a city filled with terrorists. He drags the terrified POTUS along with him, and destroys everything he goes through. And his film destroys London with very, very bad CGI. 

Main Review: 

Someone please tell Gerard Butler that it's not cute to play a first-time father, who is gruff Secret Serviceman again and again. We Indians are used to watching Salman Khan pretend he's 25 and romance a 21 year old. We are used to watching Aamir Khan play naked alien, but given how amazing an older Clint Eastwood was running alongside the President's vehicle without pretending to be young, it's a bit much to watch Gerard Butler destroy so much property in the name of killing terrorists and saving the President.

It's really funny to see him take out carbine after carbine to empty it into the bad guys. In which secret pockets did he keep them? 

It's also stupid and silly to see poor Aaron Eckhart being dragged into the den of terrorists because Gerard wants to finish them off. In fact the President even protests: Why are we going to the embassy? You know they will ambush us!

Butler replies: Precisely.

You have stopped rolling your eyes, because you liked how the motorbike borne terrorists died spectacularly. But the rest of the bullet-fest is stupider than the Koreans attacking the White House.

And it's a bigger sin to destroy London with bad CGI. 

The story is so laughable, you wait for the stupidity to end.


The terrorists have generators! 


The rest of the city is in darkness.


The real answer: it's like Bombay. They're set up, but not connected.

While you laugh at the hecklers, the movie has destroyed your faith in action movies. Might as well stay at home and watch the news channels. 

 p.s. India mein hota toh Gerard Butler ki blanket daal ke dhulai karte. but not before you fix his sandpaper voice with Strepsils. We want to hear him scream in agony.

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