Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Wedding Pullav

Something's rotting in this wedding kitchen...

1/2 star

Mini Review:

A horrendous attempt at recreating the magic of the Yash Raj/Dharma wedding feasts that ends up clogging the kitchen sink. The only saving grace is the leading lad's dimples.

Main Review:

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge was made in 1995 and they're making Himani Shivpuri play the same role. Parmeet Sethi has graduated to becoming someone's dad, but he's still the same angry Kuljeet.

If that doesn't smell like ingredients way past their sell by date, there's Rishi Kapoor popping up in a role you have seen him, Anupam Kapoor and other 'Unclejis of Bollywood' perform without a single quiver of their grey cells. 

Am not even getting into why Upasana Singh and Satish Kaushik show up in the roles that are meant to be comic but are emetic.

And wedding guests getting off a bus in Thailand is so overdone, you want to secretly call the embassy and tell them these trashy movies are ruining the image of the country.

So the story is that of a group of friends (yes, the proverbial one fat guy, one nerd, the hero, one inconsequential girl and the heroine) who are celebrating the hero's wedding to outside girl. Yes. Sigh. The hero has to realise he's in love with the heroine, but the process (the film) is so tiresome, we have noticed the ghastly cheap wedding jewelry, sat through inane songs and really tacky 'what did you do on your honeymoon' supposed banter without upchucking. 

You want to take some tissue and wipe off all that extra lipstick on the young women's mouths. You want to laugh at Louis Vuitton print on a salwar kameez. You want to laugh at the twin ponytails of one of the young men... You cannot. The whole wedding feast is just rancid.   

The only saving grace is the young hero's dimples. He's a good looking lad, but too young to being groom in any sort of wedding, and you feel terrible that the boy is part of such a film. 


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