Friday, October 02, 2015


Singh Is Bleaaargh!

1 and 1/2 star

Mini Review: 

Akshay Kumar stars in a movie that has some pjs, mostly crass comedy and some terrible bad guys. Your tolerance for everything is tested severely.

Main Review:

Half a star for Akshay Kumar, who manages to look good no matter what he wears. Lungis, shalwaars, floral shorts, tees, suit, or kurtas, this man wears them all with an ease and seems to enjoy the stupid roles he plays. He even wears a turban with style. He plays the lovable buffoon without ever losing his masculinity. He's like a male Madhuri Dixit when it comes to his smile. 

But when he chooses to act in movies like this, you want to rush back and watch his hairy Mohra and Khiladi films or even the pink shirted punjab da puttar act in Namaste London.

The other half star goes to Lara Dutta who plays Emily the translator. She seems to have so much fun in the movie, you cannot help but respond to her antics

The last but not the least, the third 1/2 star goes to whoever thought of making Amy Jackson not speak a word of Hindi. She's not able, and hearing her would have been worse than watching Shruti Haasan dance in Puli.

The other things in the movie are so crass you cannot but hear Neil Young's refrain of 'Helpless, Helpless, Helpless' play inside your head.

The internet pj about a dog dressed up as a lion, the sleepwalking nympho joke, the girl sitting on hero's lap and slapping him when she realises he's aroused... everything in the script seems to be written by a Whatsapp group.

Then there's Kay Kay Menon who seems to bring his generic bad guy role to every screen. He doesn't even need rehearsals in doing silly things, wearing silly clothes and even doing the silly thing with his hat...

Please. Save yourself the trouble. Watch Akshay Kumar's awesome dance with generic Katrina role gal on tv or something. He looks great in a purple shalwaar, and even when he's being kissed by a camel.

If you have the stomach for generic sardar tropes or talking cows, watch the film. If you do, then I swear that you too will hope Raftaar Singh to suddenly spout an awesome speech in English about how amazing India is, or at least Amy Jackson to say the ' Ishq da Mitraan' speech just so you make some sense of the stupid movie...



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