Saturday, October 24, 2015


Spectacularly Baaaad!

2 stars

Mini Review:

It's Vin Diesel! He is here to save the world from seriously evil witches with the help of a good witch and a priest. Even though the story is cheesy, it is accompanied by some spectacular special effects, which makes the movie a fun watch.

Main Review:

After smarmy romances of witches and vampires and lycans, it is fun to watch a bad movie about witch hunting.

Vin Diesel is so good with the green screen! The special effects are really cool. I especially loved the magical bakery and the baker who wanders about bottles of beautiful butterflies...

I loved the set of the haunted tree. And had you seen Manhattan turned all green and luscious, covered with creepers, the cars junked because there is a forest growing on the road, you too would have fallen in love with it. The witch queen wasn't terrible after all, you'd think. She actually turned the concrete jungle into something green... With creepy burning branches for hands, and worms crawling in and out of her body one is supposed to be afraid of the witch queen, but one is not. Her need to rule the world seems not too valid. After all, if you are going to kill everyone on the planet, who will you rule? 

Thankfully, Vin Diesel is there in really natty suits to save you from certain death. There's some fun magic in the bar that we wish we could actually see in real life, and lots of cheesy 'memory potion' and 'magic rune' moments to keep you munching popcorn.

I was a little creeped out by the spidery jewel that turns into... Well... You watch it because sometimes you need such mindless madness that is so bad, it's fun. Go ahead judge this questionable star rating that one has given to this terrible film. But it made me munch happily at popcorn, made me want to join a coven that makes plants blossom and gave me fun ideas for Halloween that is around the corner...

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