Friday, November 04, 2016

Review: TROLLS


2.5 stars

Mini Review:

They’re ugly! No, they’re not! They’re bite sized! No, they’re cute-sized! They’re lurid pinks and blues and purple and they sing and dance and they hug! Plus they’ve got sparkles! Trolls are so happy the Bergens think eating them will make them happy. Princess Poppy has to rescue the trolls and change the Bergens’ way of thinking… It’s a happy, funny, sing along adventure that will put a smile on your face.

Main Review:

Animation films for kiddies usually bring on a headache for the parents or grownups accompanying them. Initially you think the too pink, too glittery, too neon colored trolls are nothing but a marketing gimmick, a ploy to make you buy plush toys.

But you forget these concerns within minutes and are happily bobbing your head to the music and smiling at the antics of the trolls and even though you cannot identify each one, you are in love and make a mental note to buy all the plush toys in the gift store.

The trolls have watches that light up when it is time to hug! The trolls like to scrapbook. Their party invites are awesome and they spend all their time dancing and singing and being happy. Too saccharine sweet for you? Then you must be the grouchy, killjoy Branch… Or the perennially unhappy Bergens…

And they are scary too! They eat trolls to taste happiness. Oh no! Should the trolls stop partying? There’s so much fun that follows you forget that you are an adult and sing along. You root for Bridget and you hope the cruel chef gets her comeuppance. You smile at the clever adaptation of several familiar fairy tales and you enjoy the sparkles! Sparkles? I mean glitter! There’s a troll that… That… You will love the glitter! Borrow a neighbor’s kid and go watch Trolls. You’ll find that inner happiness again.

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