Friday, June 24, 2016


Dead Upon Resurrection


Mini Review:

‘Today we celebrate our Independence Day!’ Bill Pullman had announced, many many years ago, and cinema audiences loved him and loved Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith. This time too the same aliens are back, and the same old tactic is employed with the same old special effects. You wonder, why re-make the story and call it ‘Resurgence’?

Main Review:

So man has managed to build a base on the moon, with a defense system that will protect the Earth. But within twenty minutes, we realise that it’s not capable of defending anything because they did not even sense the presence of a gigantic alien ship more than 3000 miles across right above them. No matter how cute the new recruits look and how capable, they cannot do much when their base is just trampled upon, isn’t it?

Well, the novelty wears off here. After that the aliens land on Earth and those predator type aliens start doing what they did earlier - destroying cities and drilling for molten Earth. As requested by the film certification board, the aliens do not destroy the Taj Mahal or any Indian monuments. London Bridge as the kiddie rhyme says, falls. But the aliens don’t touch the Eiffel Tower (It’s clearly visible). Alas, the non destruction keeps you untouched. We are not moved by the aliens at all. Nor are we afraid of them. We know they have not watched Star Wars and will leave openings in their ships just like the Death Star, which will help our brave pilots to take a bomb load inside the craft and then destroy them.

The idea of a Queen Alien insect controlling a hive is even older than the Borgs of Star Trek. And the Borgs could choose to take on a beautiful form if they wanted to... The joy of watching a science fiction movie is not knowing the enemy and using science to destroy bad aliens. So when you're watching sequels, it gives the audience something to look forward to.
That's why Star Trek and Star Wars or any other sci-fi franchise move either forward or backward in time so there new stories can be told. This story should have buried upon narration, not resurrected.


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