Friday, June 10, 2016


They've conjured up real good scares!

3 and 1/2 stars

Mini Review:

Ed and Lorraine are cajoled into solving yet another case of haunting. This time it's in England. And the haunting starts creeping you out from the very first scene. You don't eat popcorn because you've dropped it already. You cannot drink the coffee because your hands are shaking so much. And you're barely breathing... It's behind you!

Main Review:

The best part of watching the movie with a theater-full of college kids who have come to be scared, to clutch at sleeves of boyfriends, and to laugh only to prove how unafraid they are, is that confidence one has  that one will not be scared at all. The original was advertised as the scariest movie ever. And one felt nothing. Am so glad I joined the seventy odd people in saying, 'No, no, no, no! Don't go there!' and make strangled sounds every once in a while, and swallow air hastily when... When... When the... When the thing appears...

Yes, I was terrified for the protagonists They're kids! You said in your head. Why them?

Initially you try and settle down in your seat. You've seen it before: toys that start working on their own, lights that go on and off, levitating people, upside down crucifixes, people speaking in voices... But then this movie takes them all and wraps you around it's cold bony fingers that appear from behind doors... Shudder!... And you are willing to scream.

You know the demons will appear from the shadows, but the amazing part of the film is that even someone like me who does not get scared easily did not guess when the demon would appear. I was delighted to be scared the way this film manages. You imagine the worst of horrors when you see them step into water and they show electrical wires dangling. But then the horror you imagined is less that what really happens. And you shudder even to remember that afterwards.

A good scary movie will stay with you long after it is over. And kudos to the kids who do such a good job being haunted, Ed and Lorrain and the parents and neighbors... Just about everyone acts their part so well you are drawn into their world easily. The skeptics and the police also do a great job. And you laugh nervously when the demon moves the chair back to its place when no one believes it exists.

Let me not tell you more. Go watch it. Before the demon garbles *nlezxi8 my words and 4k(d+les#2 It's...%^* behind you...

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