Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review: Meeruthiya Gangsters

The North Indian Gangster Genre Dies Here

1 star

Mini Review:

This movie tries so hard to be funny, it shoots itself in the foot. Nothing makes us care about the fate of any of the gangsters and you're weary at the end of this Wasseypur leftovers.

Main Review:

They're so cool, they drive around helmet-less... is their song.  They mouth cliches like 'setting' (for women) and they shown drinking all the time... The collective IQ of this song singing bunch of 'college' gangsters seems so low, nothing they do earns our empathy. In fact, in the first five minutes I wanted to throw hot coffee on their faces. 

Even their names are sort of leftover from Wasseypur: Sanjay Foreigner. He has a girlfriend who slaps him around, pushes him and pushes him to elope with her to his mamaji's place. Funny? I don't know. As bad as a monkey slapping Akshay Kumar? Yes.

Mamaji (Sanjay Mishra) is a real estate guy but runs away from cops. Why? No one knows, but Sanjay Mishra is a god actor and it's supposed to be funny. Ha, Ha.

The gang is looking for a job. Why, we don't know. But it's supposed to be funny when gangsters make presentations. Why do they think jobs will be given to them as a group, no one knows. But it's supposed to be funny when gangsters go for an interview, and attempt to wear ties. Considering they are so daft, one thought they'd show up for the job interview in clothes from a laundry after slapping the dhobi (maybe even in wedding ki sherwani)...

We are supposed to laugh because they rob the daru ka adda where they've been drinking (that dilapidated place has collections of 3/4 lakhs? It doesn't strike them that if they can just rob and run, they don't really need jobs?) But it's supposed to be funny when their motorbike does not start after the robbery... We laughed. Not.

There are funny lines, like when they wear stockings over their face, or when they argue with the kidnappee instead of getting on with the job... but when you look at the movie as a whole, it starts looking like a bunch of skits put together haphazardly without caring for details.

Why else would there be glaring mistakes? Sanjay Mishra, whose character forever talks about money, leaves his wallet on the desk at the police station (a little packet of marijuana has been found in the wallet)... And you notice such things because everyone is trying so hard to 'be' smalltown crooks or whatever.

The stylised gunbattle goes on for so long, you are too weary to laugh when they wave a chaddi for a white flag. Ten year olds won't find that funny, let alone gangster weary audience.

The audience loved Wasseypur because it was different. Then came poseurs like Bullet Raja, Tamanchey et all, and bombed. This movie should be a final nail in the coffin for gangster flicks. The director should wipe his slate clean with that perennially present white gamchha that's used by everyone in the film and think afresh.

P.S. The smartest thing in the movie is the girl (Nushrat Bharucha)...


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