Friday, September 25, 2015

Review: The Intern

The Sweetest,  Most Sigh-Inducing Movie This Year

3 stars

Mini Review:

What movie audiences needed was a movie that made them feel good about the world, and about people. And personally, when a movie makes you smile long after it is over, you make space for it not just in your heart but on your dvd shelf and watch it when you're snuggled up in your blanket on a cold, rainy day...

Main Review:

Ann Hathaway and Robert De Niro have brought us a very special movie. The premise, as the trailer promises, seems fun: a young woman entrepreneur employs a retired gent as an intern.

What the movie does is explore all the things that could and happen to an intern and then some. And there's not a moment where you are not smiling. And it's a rare thing because the cynic inside you hopes that the movie falls flat. But it doesn't. There's no offensive 'older actors forced to behave as though they were desperate for sex' as in Last Vegas. 

There is, on the other hand so much hope and charm that this film offers. And it's not just for the characters -- an older man who is not just the annoying grandpa at a dinner table, or some impossible Expendables type ageing hero. Robert De Niro plays a good guy. A man who has a handkerchief to offer as well as sound advice to the young people with whom he works. And no it's not as boring as I make it sound.

It is fun to watch Robert De Niro in such a self deprecating mode - a far cry from Travis Bickle. I had not liked Meet The Fockers kind of roles he was doing simply because those movies just used the movie characters he played to fit into their story. In this movie the role seemed to be written before they fit him into it. And he fits into the role of a 'I'm more comfortable in a suit' character beautifully.

There is no 'pity-me-because-i'm-alone' thing at all. Neither is his character the 'old and therefore shrewish' person. And that's why we enjoy the twinkle in his eye when he's with Rene Russo. And the kind concern when he's driving Ann Hathaway...

But I'm giving away too much.

A few months ago, Danny Collins gave back a role that helped Al Pacino show us why he is set up on a pedestal at acting school. This movie does not do as much, but gives us a glimpse of the powerhouse of acting De Niro is. 

Watch the movie. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me wish that there were more happy movies... Come back and tell me if despite all that is good about the movie, all that it makes you feel, you would have dumped the husband if you were Ann Hathaway or no. 

I know I would.  

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