Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Shaun The Sheep Movie

Shear Fun!

3 and 1/2 stars

Mini Reviewe:

The sheep are out of their fold and loose in the big city. Their adventures are so delightful you come away with a smile plastered on your face, humming, 'He's Shaun The Sheep, Shaun the Sheep, He's Not Afraid To Take The Intellectual Leap!' 

Main Reviewe:

Yes, you will be compelled to make sheepish puns in your head as you watch Shaun and his woolly headed pals wreak mayhem in the city.

They are so funny and they manage to bring you all kinds of references to all kinds of movies. From Baymax Big Hero, to movies where hero/heroine sneak into a clothing store and change clothes to avoid being detected...

You will laugh as I did, loudly, when the mean Trumper flirts with sheep dressed as girl and hands her the handbag, or how doctors discover Farmer's memory loss... Your brain will be saying, 'No, no, no no! Don't go there!' in anticipation of a disaster, but you'll giggle when the disaster has been averted.

It's a kiddie cartoon that has been entertaining kids for years. But if you are as movie crazy as most of us, and know your pop culture, then the movie is more fun for grown ups. It's not Disney cute for grownups. It's really clever.

Where else would you find a connect with Inception? How can you miss the time 11.55 on the alarm clock? Look out for it. I was happy with the Inception like repetition of the routine because it set me up to expect something to change...

Then there's the fleeting, very fleeting Banksy wall... It kept me going through the predictable comedy bits when the extra large sheep gets stuck in a pipe, or when the twin dance on the roof...

Do not, do not miss the yellow hazard suits... the hazmat suits they are called... made famous by the tv show Breaking Bad. That's clever. So is a spoof of jailbreak scenes we have seen over years in Hollywood, my favorite being this

Since they are British, the double decker bus and the Beatles spoof is expected... but what they do with the Farmer as new pop icon poster is mindblowing...

I've said too much already... go have fun discovering the gems hidden in the ha-ha-hay-hay haystack of laughs that is Shaun The Sheep. Meanwhile, i'm going to sing the clever ditty

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