Friday, August 07, 2015


Tom Cruise goes from 0 - 60 in 30 seconds! 
Unmissable experience!

3 and 1/2 stars

Mini Review:

There are action stars and there are action stars, but for some reason Tom Cruise seems to get things right most of the times. And in this movie the team from IMF does a super, super job. And there's a girl too who's not a damsel in distress. Unmissable!

Main Review:

Let me tell you right away, that I found the last Mission Impossible with Anil Kapoor and Tom Cruise hanging out of the 90th or some top floor from Burj Khaleefa (all hair in place!) was impossible to bear.

So I settled down with cheesiest corn to watch more of it on screen. But within 30 seconds, I was with Simon Pegg, watching Tom Cruise take the movie from 'is this another boring action movie to full-on crazy, riveting action.

And it doesn't stop!

It's always fun to watch Alec Baldwin go into speech mode without opening his mouth too much. This time he's attempting to break up the IMF because of their 'blatant wantonness', and he hates Ethan for what he says is mostly luck...

Ethan of course is missing from HQ and chasing this shadow organisation...

You should watch the movie instead of reading reviews which will wax eloquent about the action: 'fucking unbelievable, man!', 'fucking great', 'fuck! fuck! fuck! fucking awesome!'

What I would like to tell you why I fell in love with the movie:


Yes, Casablanca the movie which has Bogey and Ingrid Bergman.

'What?' You ask! You know I'm a bit nutty about movies, but Casablanca?

Yes. The heroine is called Ilsa Faust and she meets Ethan in Casablanca. Ilsa and Casablanca? Of course they know the connect. And her motives are just as suspect as Bogey suspected then. Ilsa looks like Ingrid Bergman in some frames and the similarity keeps you interested. 

Bogey remembers the color of his Ilsa's dress, and here Ethan is made to look ate her shoes. The women in the audience sigh collectively not just because of the shoes, but the also for the fact that she can use a knife, and she's not wearing an apron and cutting cabbage for coleslaw

And Faust? Where does that come from? 

Ilsa has made a Faustian deal with the devil called Lane. Oooh! The more I see the connections, the more I enjoy the movie, which has all the cool oxygen-less stunts, motorbike stunts and everything we have come to expect from the Mission Impossible movies. 

And Lane, as all baddies are is creep central. He speaks in this fuzzy, razor voice, and his character is made scary by how everyone reacts to him, talks about him.

And last but not the least, Tom Cruise might be getting on in age, but looks so good, dammit! You need to book your tickets, now!

p.s.: I thought i was rather clever to have noticed one big blooper in the movie, but IMDB has recorded it already. We shall tweet about it later!

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