Friday, June 19, 2015

Review: SPY


3 stars

Mini Review:

Everything you love about spy movies is there, but it's been turned upside down and totally batty and wicked and self deprecating. The funny moments come at you from all sides and you laugh simply because it is so outrageous.

Main Review: 

It's a Melissa McCarthy movie, so you might be right in thinking there will be fat lady jokes. There are, but they're so self-deprecating that you cannot help but laugh. Plus everything else is so startlingly funny, you find yourself choking on the popcorn!

'I'm glad your hair broke your fall!' she says sweetly to someone who just gets up winded from a fall (Melissa's character has tripped her and caused that fall and you're laughing at how it happened!)

She's a CIA agent who has never been on the field. Erm... That's obvious, you say, look at her and look at James Bond! Bond has the perfect body, the perfect gadgets, the perfect love life, the best of food and wine, and Melissa McCarthy is... Well... She is just the perfect opposite.

And it is in being different that the comedy begins. And how!

You will laugh at the food and the wine moments.

You will laugh at the outrageous love life moments.

You will laugh at the gadgets.

You will laugh at the comic moments that happen because her body is far from perfect.

You will laugh during the car chases and the action scenes.

You will laugh when you realise how stereotypical we think spies are and you will fall in love with Jason Statham. He is so funny you forget he's an action star.

Most of all, you will laugh at the outrageous insults the characters trade, the outrageous things characters say to each other, and the outrageous things they do in order to get out of situations... 

(Basically, you will laugh at everything that happens on screen!)

Worth mentioning is the appearance of Bollywood's pretty, famous, duck faced Nargis Fakhri. She's simply amazing! And she's not the duck faced simpering creature we saw in Rockstar. She's great fun. She is a deadly assassin and she does a great job in the action scenes she has been given. She looks great, and what's really, really good, is that she is NOT the duck-faced creature everyone made her out to be. The makers of Rockstar did her great disservice by making her pout in every scene. I hope that she is offered better roles from here on!

Did I say that the movie is funny? It is. Watch it. But It's half an hour too long. So buy some extra coffee when you think you cannot laugh any more. And I am sure when Jason Statham goes off in that boat, you'll spill that coffee all over you.

p.s. not too many people notice this in a 'comedy' movie, but there are a couple of moments that will make you glad you have girl-friends, and that you will never let your best friends down...


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