Friday, November 08, 2013


three stars

Loki Steals The Show

Mini Review:

It’s a Thor movie, but it’s his wicked brother who steals the show! You cannot miss this super sequel.

Main Review:

Yes, Thor is the cool dude (the women in the audience swoon upon sighting his abs!), and loves his Jane Foster like every woman dreams of being loved, but it is wicked brother Loki who actually makes you want to watch the movie again.

Even though Loki struggles to make a place for himself in Asgard, he clearly wins the hearts of the audience. He’s got a wicked shape shifting trick and a sense of humor. In the presence of scary villainous elves and dark monsters, he is so calm you have to become a fan girl, or boy.

The movie effortlessly takes us from Asgard to London and weird sounding realms and although the nit-picky part of you wishes there was a handy pamphlet to explain the complicated geography of the universe, the comic-book loving part of you will enjoy the craziness of it all.

The special effects are engaging and not once do you ever groan or disbelieve the physics. You even suppress a giggle and believe the gorgeous Natalie Portman - who goes into every scene as though she is a dimwitted heroine of a horror movie rather than a scientist - is worthy of love of a God.In the first movie you enjoyed watching heir to Odin eat pancakes, here get ready to enjoy the madness of Dr Eric Selvig. You enjoy Hemsworth’s rage and his skill with the hammer… The hammer moment will make you smile…

But wait. Why do you need any more in a review? Go book your tickets now.

One last word on Loki. He’s magnificent. Never before have you cheered for a villain like this. Go for Thor’s blonde awesomeness, come away after cheering for the dark Loki.

P.S: Do wait for credits to roll and watch the surprise.  

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