Friday, November 08, 2013


one star

Time Traveling Turkeys

Mini Review:

The idea is fantastic, but the story goes on and on. Great for parents of little kids, as they will fall asleep watching this film.

Main Review:

The thanksgiving connect in India is completely wasted, and so is the idea of pardoning a turkey. Even then, little kids will enjoy the animation of turkeys comparing muscle, little kid clutching at Reggie the turkey, will laugh at the power struggle between Jake and Ranger, and will adore the baby turkeys. The grown ups will tire of the same ole voice of Owen Wilson who sounds the same, whether he is acting with Jackie Chan or he appears as a turkey who travels reluctantly through time…

The best, and most grown up line in the movie, and this is not a spoiler (grown ups will groan through the movie, since the animation is hardly up to par with movies like Brave or Despicable Me) is when Reggie is thrown out of the barn for telling the brainless turkeys of the flock to not eat corn. The fattened turkeys throw him out and say, ‘Anti-Corn!’

The humans depicted in the movie are scary, but the solution to not killing birds for thanksgiving is delightful. And yes, there’s a message of living in harmony and loving creatures… Just writing about the movie is like re-living the painfully long 91 minutes. Take your kiddies because you must… It’s a price we pay for procreation.

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