Tuesday, November 29, 2005


looks like you had time,
time on your hands,
my Blue one,
you play such games
with me!

if you thought
any name,
other than yours,
made any sense to me,
you lost!

if you thought
the merry dance
you led me to
would make me lose
faith in you,
try harder!

you’re toying with me
my Blue one
but i am stupid
all i know
is your name,
nothing else matters.

i inhale because of you
exhale when you want me to.
i win because of you.
if i lose, why worry,
i lose only to you.


david raphael israel said...

ah superb, Manisha.
Glad to see this continuing.

best, d.i.

Abhi abhi said...

...at times he plays with me
and at times with you
oh if he were only to play me
at all times and completely
who would count to whom I lost
against whom I won
all I would know is
sweet surrender...
oh my blue one...

Mmmmm lovely! :)
I had come looking for an episodic narration...where do I find it?

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