Monday, December 12, 2005

my new baby

thank you Suniti for taking pics of my new baby. we are having a tough time naming him. he has inspired many. his dad (mahesh), shashanka ghosh, and his doc loves the idea of calling him William Lee, in short, 'bill-lee'. peter griffin has offered 'mirza' or 'ghalib' or 'slinky'. the last one inspired by the spiral staircase in my house and the flight of his imagination which can be described as 'tumble down puppy horror flick'. on similar lines, rashmi mukhi offers 'flip'. since the puppy is only 40 days old and still hasn't found its orientation, walks in reverse gear, mash also calls him 'ghonchu'. suniti and i love the idea of kissing the puppy called 'depp'. (and our mind images vanished the moment pete suggested having to 'clean up after depp'). jugal offered several south park crossed with science names...and my sleep deprived brain does not remember any of the names except that i laughed much.

agni wanted to call it einstein or beyblade before the puppy arrived. after the big arrival and we got cameras trained on agni for his first reaction (we expected sqeals and hugs), we found agni lifting tail etc and inspecting the pup. we lowered the cameras and tried to quell what we thought was his curiosity. but he asked me with a straight face, "mommy, where is his plug point?"

"what plug point?"

"So we can connect it to the computer?" Upon seeing the horror on our faces, he added an explanation,"So we can train it, naa!"

our next vacation is going to be on a farm.

suniti has kindly offered to share the pics of my baby with all of you:
help with names please. and soon.


sanjana said...

Congratulations on your new baby..he's really adorable.
Here are some names..
Will think about more..

Heretic said...

Ah, he's so goddamn cute, so unlike his parents. :-P

Loved the pics, thanks to Suniti. As an aside, Anita and Siddharth Basu call their lab Sheru, short for Shamsher Singh. Perhaps you could call your kiddo Bhaktawar (assuming he makes for some lovely bak-barks) or Kancha (too many AB flicks, I tell you!). *grin

david raphael israel said...

Maybe: Vanilla Bean (?)

the plug point story is . . . amusing.

suniti said...

Hi manisha,
to develope Sanjana's suggestion of 'Briskit'
How about calling him 'Biscuit' ??

Anonymous said...

suna hai ab billi ne kutta paal liya hai

townreporter said...

since you asked for suggestions billi babes.why not call the little pillu mash2.bada hoke papa jaise hi banega na.chasing and humping all the bitches in town.

Anonymous said...

How about Troy?...(looks just like the pup i know of,whos name is Troy)..or how bout vishnu?..or rather Kittu in short for Krishna?(since u like the blue one sooo much!!) about a human name? Charulatha or chiquitha or Vishnu Priya or Taramathi,incase the pup's not a guy?But do be VERY careful about the spiral stair case.Once broken bone or whatever is no good ur poetry and prose!:) All the best with your brown one!! said...

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