Friday, March 31, 2017


Puppy Videos! Heartbreak! Puppy Videos! Heartbreak!

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

A dog called Bailey PUPPY VIDEOS is born again and again as a dog PUPPY VIDEOS to meet his first human PUPPY VIDEOS and set things right… A manipulative film with PUPPY VIDEOS that will squeeze your heart PUPPY VIDEOS and you will be happy to let them do this because PUPPY VIDEOS

Main Review:

Warning: If you or your kids get teary, carry plenty of tissue. You’ll need them when you’re watching the film

So Bailey runs away from the puppy sale and you get a tiny heart attack within minutes because he’s dying of thirst at the back of a truck.

He’s rescued and finds himself a human.


Dad is mean and ooh! Here comes another little heart attack.

Bailey is in trouble.


Between the PUPPY VIDEOS, little heart attacks and AWWW you realise that you have been manipulated so beautifully, you stop thinking like an Indian who has grown up listening to stories of reincarnation, watching cinema of rebirth (remember concepts like Janm Janmantar Ka Saath?) and see nothing wrong in a dog being born again and again as a dog.

The film has been shot beautifully, and written cleverly so you can cry and laugh along with Bailey’s monolog that dominates the film. Apparently there’s a book, re-released with the film. But books don’t have PUPPY VIDEOS!

If you’ve ever been a human to any dog, you would know why a review of this movie would be a failure. If you haven’t, then you’ll watch it with disinterest. And seriously, disinterest when you’re watching PUPPY VIDEOS?

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