Friday, March 31, 2017


Everyone’s Got A Tickle Spot!

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

Thinking of having a second adorbs baby? Are you a kid who’s waiting for a sibling to arrive? This wonderful little tale of sibling rivalry and adjusting to another baby at home is a fun watch.It’s for kids mostly, but grown ups will love powdered bums on the assembly line!

Main Review:

It’s a subject that is cleverly handled in this movie. After all, most of us are either first-borns with siblings, or are siblings to a not-so-adjusting first-borns, or are happy being the only children of doting parents. And we understand the perfectly all the emotions that could crowd inside a little boy’s head when  new baby arrives in his home, drawing away all the attention.

We know secretly know babies are manipulative and will get their way. But no one ever says it out loud, let alone make a movie out of it.

After watching Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live was so much fun, it raised our expectations with the humor. But we see amazing restraint on his part, and yet, he manages to make us smile. And smile. And laugh out loud.

Babies are made in baby heaven where bum after baby bum on assembly line is send off to homes… Or not.

Boss Baby arrives in young Timorthy’s home and takes over. Timothy Templeton has seen the baby’s briefcase and heard him on the phone. This baby can talk! He knows no one will believe him unless he has proof…

What follows is a fun watch for kids. Tim and the baby outdoing each other. But they realise they have a common enemy to beat…

The film is good fun. Yes, I know I said that. But grown ups will want some cutesy bits gone because they might remember diaper duty they have done or have had baby hurl food back at them… Watch it though, because the movie reminds you of your own tickle spot and what's more, it comes without the poopy diaper smells.

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