Friday, August 05, 2016


Stale Superhero Story Saved By A Sexy Tush

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

It is a superhero movie that pretends to be badass. And no matter how much the filmmakers try to hoodwink the audience into believing the characters are so bad they’re good, the audience is smarter. Should Margot Robbie’s delectable derriere distract you from that fact, then you’ll enjoy it in bits and parts.

Main Review:

Let’s assume most of us have not read the comic books. Even then, this collection of ‘bad’ dudes forced to fight together suddenly fighting as ‘family’ is a bitter pill to swallow. And despite the songs, the neon coloring and Margot Robbie’s derriere you can get bored with the structure of the film.

It starts with little biographies of all the terrible characters. By the time they finish we have barfed into pockets of raincoats hung by other people watching the film. The bad dudes have hearts! And I want to ask, why don’t they ‘own the badness’ just like Margot Robbie does?

But they are injected with rice sized grenades that will blow by clicking their picture on the ipad. How seriously unsafe is that? Have they never dialled people by mistake? But you’re distracted by Margot Robbie’s fetching you-know-what so logic ceases to matter.

Of course the bad guys prove that special effects for bringing many aliens to Earth, creating vortexes, and so on have not changed since even before Gozer the Gozerian summoned the ghosts (Ghostbusters, 1984) via a beam from top of Dana’s apartment building. Here too the Enchantress builds a machine that reminds you of Rajinikant’s Robot (there goes the last remnants of our attention) and the entire world is in danger.

Yes, the bad guys work together as a team. Oh, you had not guessed that? It’s a superhero film after all, painted in by numbers. Some moments are genuinely fun. Others drag everything down in a vat of acid. Mogambo bahut jyada nahi khush hua.

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