Friday, August 26, 2016


A waste of every life.

1 star

Mini Review:

Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood from House of Cards suffering from some sort of poison ivy because he’s irascible, rude and annoying and you want to kick him real hard, when he turns into Mr. Fuzzypants, the cat. Don’t ask. He’s then a meowing Underwood suffering from poison ivy. If it is supposed to be humorous, but there’s not even a chuckle you can muster.

Main Review:

Remember the movies like Freaky Friday or even 13 going on 30, All Of Me, All Screwed Up!, 18 Again where bodies are swapped and protagonists discover that is not easy being the other person. They have to learn to walk in the other person’s shoes in order to really understand themselves.

There were endearing moments in each of the movies, even funny moments. Even a rather shabby ‘switch bodies’ movie like The Hot Chick has a funny line (‘Oh yes! That’s a virgin Scotch on the rocks!’) that can be used even today!

This one concentrates on Kevin Spacey’s dour, manipulative character from House Of Cards so much that they forgot to add humor to it. House Of Cards is not funny. Not even when you put it upside down and spray laughing gas on it. So dragging the principal character out of the TV show and putting him thoughtlessly in the movie which could have been a lovely movie with a Dad-Daughter connect, or even about a man unable to show his love to his wife and grown up son… But it’s just a story of an irascible man who turns into an irascible cat and does idiotic things like drink whiskey from an ash tray. You want your kids to see that? Hmm… I did not think so. Maybe you could give it a miss.

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