Thursday, July 07, 2016


Pets Just Wanna Have Fun!

3.5 stars

Mini Review:

This movie is everything the trailer promises and more! Funny, witty, and delightful, it won't make you feel guilty about leaving your pets home alone while you go out to work every day. Trust me, these pets are wickedly funny. 

Main Review:

Let me admit to this right now. We've always had a pet or two or three in my family. And I'm happily immune to the persistent tail wagging, or the sad-cat face and have survived loving pecks from pet parakeets flying freely around the house (so no fans!). Maybe that's why I enjoyed this wickedly funny movie more.

As the trailer tells you, your pets are partying after you are gone. And they party hard. The characterization is faultless: the stately poodle Leonard is subjected to Classical music, when his heart belongs to head-banging Rock. 

The fluffy bunny Snowball was my favorite even though he is the villain and leads a band of revolutionary pets called 'Flushed Away'. Watch the movie to see what I mean...

As always this is not just an ordinary tale of pets partying when the owners are away. It brings lessons of friendship and loss and ownership and pain and of course love and lessons learnt by watching tv soaps...

There are street cats in an awesome homage to Andre Lloyd Webber, and even though you don't hear them singing, you hear, 'The things I've seen!'

The story of Max and Duke is central to the movie and when all pets rally around to help them, despite the differences:

'You were the random cat who tried to eat me!'

'No Tiberious! Put that hamster down!'

Of course Duke and Max learn to survive challenges that living in Manhattan throws at them and their escapade makes you laugh out loud. The sausage factory scene is so good you begin to feel hungry. 

This is a pretty short film (lasts for an hour and a half) considering how long-winded full length animation films can be. There is not a single moment that makes you want to step out for a cup of coffee. The film is engaging and the story really heart-warming. 

Duke's homelessness and his need to belong touches you for real. Max's acceptance of Duke makes him a hero at last. Then there's Chloe. And there's Gidget and Pops... And there's the Viper...

You emerge from the theater with a smile on the face that does not go away until you reach home and realise that you don't have a pet. Then you get into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea and hug the microwave for making perfect popcorn every time...

Are they making secret life of appliances next?


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