Friday, July 15, 2016


Strictly for Kiddies. Tiresome For Grown Ups

2 stars

Mini Review:

Scrat the sabre toothed squirrel has managed set off the continental drift, fall in love with a female squirrel and usher in the age of the dinosaurs,  started the meltdown as well all in order to save that precious acorn… Frankly, someone got fed up and sent him off to space so we won't have to see him again. But he sets off a destruction of the world. And despite the funny lines, you wish it ended earlier than 94 minutes.

Main Review:

'Crash and Eddie reporting for duty!'
'He said doody!'

You just want to reach out and hug these immensely talkative twin possums Crash and Eddie, who you met when they thought they were mammoths! You're happy to see them on the big screen again! Louder, funnier and they rule the action because, ‘We have superpowers!’

Meanwhile in space, Scrat's search for a safe place for the acorn has resulted in a gigantic meteor rushing towards Earth: The end is coming!

Manny and Ellie are just learning to deal with baby Peaches (now all grown up), and her boyfriend Julian. Diego and Shira and Sid and the usual gang is there, when the pretty meteor showers turn deadly. It's halfway through the movie and you find yourself yawning. This is deja vu all over again! The pre-historic animals are lumbering towards finding shelter again!

Their journey and their quest to save themselves and the whole planet makes for a very engaging 94 minutes long tale. Not.

This movie will make grown ups feel exhausted. There is not a single Manny and Ellie moment of trunks touching to make a heart, no moment of peace under the night sky with Diego keeping watch, no fear inspiring pirates… The art of animation has become so sophisticated that you have come to expect faultless rendering of characters and action. There is so much color and action that the kids will love the Shangri Llama (yes! That’s the name!) and the madness of Eddie and Crash. As a grown up watching the movie, I loved the science used here, the many movie references and the best part of all, Buck singing ‘Figaro’. Very smartly done, but as they said in an ad once, ‘The magic is gone!’

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