Saturday, January 09, 2016

Review: Our Brand Is Crisis

The Audience Is Bored

1/2 star

Mini Review:

That Americans have a vested interest in keeping Latin America poor is known. This is yet another movie where elections are 'guided' by American Specialists. But you've seen it all before, and brilliantly too, in Wag The Dog. Was this film really necessary?

Main Review:

I like Sandra Bullock. Really do. So the announcement of this movie seemed very welcome. And then I saw her showing up in Bolivia to run an election for someone who is not very likeable.

What was not likeable, however, was the predictable that happens to her: She is unable to handle the altitude and suffers - throws up, her hair and clothes are in a mess, and to top all that, she eats bags and bags of potato crisps...

And yes, there's Billy Bob Thornton who heads her her rival team in Bolivia...

Makes the locals look stupid and incapable of handle an election/strategy on their own.

There are a couple of scenes with the local Bolivian people and Sandra Bullock's team that seem more real than anything else, but the rest of the movie is as daft as Sandra Bullock mooning her rivals from a bus...

The made Wag The Dog years ago. And at that time I thought it was too nasty. It was meant to be. This one is merely ineffectual.

And Anthony Mackie doesn't have enough smiles to make it work. No matter how good they are.

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