Friday, January 08, 2016

Review: Daddy's Home

Disown These Daddies

1/2 star

Mini Review:

Two line story that takes forever to tell. Everything is obvious and crass and as low-brow as Mark Wahlberg kicking Will Ferrell in the nuts. You won't even want to watch it on TV. It's that awful. 

Main Review:

So Will Ferrell plays the gentle giant of a step-dad to two brats who call him by his name and not dad. Theirs is a sugar-sugar kiss-kiss care-care world until biological dad who ran away from responsibilities shows up and moves in.

This biological dad is motorbike riding, bicep displaying Mark Wahlberg. 

The tactics to earn affection of the kids are so awful you want to rip up the chair next to yours and fling it at the screen.

The worst part, the kids and the mom watch the two men behave badly without saying a thing.

Only in b-grade Hollywood. 

p.s. Half the star is for the drawings the child makes which shows Will Ferrell dying in many different ways.

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