Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: The Peanuts Movie 2015

Stuck In A Time Warp

1 star

Mini Review: 

There's Snoopy and Charlie Brown and Woodstock and Lucy and Linus and every other character you have grown up loving. There's Red Baron and even the red headed girl, but the magic is gone. Even at 88 minutes, this movie is so burdened with nostalgia, it makes for a tedious viewing.

Main Review:

The rest of the world has just watched the brilliant The Good Dinosaur just last week. How can nostalgia and love for characters who have engaged you in a comic strip for years and years (even before one was born, in fact! in 1950) match up? Especially because all the character are doing exactly what they've been doing down the years?

Even the silly Kite-eating tree (made an appearance since Charlie learnt to fly a kite in 1952) is in this movie, still gobbling up kites (but without the eyes and the mouth). 

The lines are what you have read too! From 'Good Grief!', 'Rats!', 'You Blockhead!' and even , 'My sweet Babboo!' and they make you wish you had not seen what looks like a long checklist of all Peanuts popular bits.

Kiddies will not understand why grown ups start misty eyed (the opening credits did make me go, 'Awwwwww!' but the rest of the movie slowly eats up the goodwill built up through the years and makes you wish you weren't feeling so awful when it is over.

I was so exasperated with Charlie's bad luck, I realised we now want more from characters. Arlo from The Good Dinosaur makes mistakes, but we want to travel with him as he learns life's lessons (and we cry when his dad dies, and laugh when he defends the right to keep 'Spot' by naming him). With Charlie Brown, you just want to shut the book and read the next strip some other time.

Snoopy's usual adventure with the Red Baron and his story-writing gig on the roof of his doghouse just doesn't work this time around. Maybe that is why the makers had to add the year to the name of the movie so that people would think it is new.

They say, 'Do not look back!', 'Going back is a mistake'. I wish I had listened.

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