Friday, January 16, 2015

Review: The Theory Of Everything

All Hail Eddie!

4 stars

Mini Review:

This is a movie on the life of Stephen Hawking. But truly, there is only one star, and that's Eddie Redmayne. He he shines, and shines. Earns every star this movie earns, no matter who reviews the film.

Main Review:

It helps that the film has been designed so beautifully, and that it is shot during an eternal summer in Cambridge. Also there's that luminous, fragile yet determined Felicity Jones who makes a wonderful foil to Eddie's genius.

But the film remains a showcase for the young man who showed up in Les Miserables and stole a scene or two from Wolverine who was transformed for that movie. And as one is wont to, one followed up online to check out his stage performance as Richard II and as Ken Rothko's fan/assistant in Red. 

Most people might find Stephen Hawking's genius hard to comprehend but Eddie Redmayne makes it accessible. He is no more that intimidating robotic voice you heard in Physics class, drowning you by the colossal weight of the words. You did not see the humor because you were so busy trying to grasp the concepts. In fact, the movie brings out the humanity in someone you thought was leagues away.

Yes, you will want to read more about Hawking (Wired magazine brings some brilliantly written articles about the prof), and that's a good thing too, because his life has truly been miraculous.

The movie is a biopic and most biopics make me slump in the theatre seat with coffee, wishing there was something stronger than caffeine in the cup. But The Theory Of Everything makes you sit up and pay attention. You like this young man who announces that he is going to work on 'Time'. Is it because he is socially awkward? Is it because he has that bright spark in his eye when he tells the girl that 'he's studying to be a cosmologist'

And Eddie Redmayne makes you hurt when he falls down, makes your fingers ache when his do, and when he insists that 'everything is normal' you are frustrated at him.

No one - yes, I confess - no one, has managed to bring out so much emotion from this usually cynical viewer of cinema. And this film works because there are no sides taken, no judgements passed. And the cast performs flawlessly.

I have said too much already. Go book tickets. Watch a fabulous star being born: Eddie Redmayne.

p.s. I've thought and thought if there's any Bollywood actor who could have done justice to this role, and I don't think there's anyone. Not Irrfan not Aamir...


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