Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Paddington

Barely Bearable!

1 star

Mini Review:

If Paddington is a lovable bear that gets into mischief, then there aren't enough funny parts for the kids. And if it is a story of being homeless and around mean people, you'll find kids wailing and clutching you in fear.

Main Review:

When movies meant for kiddies, speak of dead parents and scary orphanages, being homeless, being alone out on your own in the snow and the rain, you should know that the kids in the audience are going to erupt in wails of 'I want to go home!' and 'I want to go to the bathroom'... Embarrassed parents would be shushing and hushing them up with promises of chocolate...

And that is exactly what happened at the preview theater where the movie was screened. It started with a man with a funny mooch (funny according to grown ups, scary for the kids, as he's had a gun and he was hunting bears!), and the kids curled themselves into the seats, not opening their eyes until Paddington was named and accepted by the Browns.

The fun of Paddington in the bathroom was short, and the rest of the story had the kids screaming, 'mommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy'...

For grown ups too, the movie sends out mixed signals: am I supposed to love the concept of a fun life on a Triumph changing into a station wagon life because one is now 'mom'?

When a fun movie distracts you so much, then perhaps it's a failure.

And when I got home, I was terrified to look at my teddy bear. Did the very baaaad lady stuff my huggy bear too? I want my mommmmmm!  

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