Sunday, March 16, 2008

love poem 2

little things about you i like to keep:
the way your hair curls upon your neck
when you throw your head back and laugh,
how my glasses slide off my nose and yours don’t,
'it’s a noble nose!' my aunt always says,
your large hands on the steering wheel,
i love the way they feel on the small of my back,
i am so glad for the pickling lessons,
grandma insisted i take as a teen.
i have made good use of the jam jars
she stocked in the garage
hoping the mango would yield some day.
your nose still looks as sharp in vinegar,
and your hands still look clean,
but your heart remains as black as ever.
but best part is that look in your eyes,
when i raised the ginsu,
on that dappled afternoon by the stream.
does not fit in any jar but is fresh even today
perfectly preserved in my head.


Banno said...

Macabre. Very Raold Dahl. "Hoping the mango would yield" creates such pleasant anticipation, and then, in retrospect, makes one shudder.

arka said...

eeek. that's... disturbing. which is what is good about it.

suniti said...

Eeeks is just how I would put it too!
But loved it never the less! Only you can combine romantics with horror!
I dub you- Elvira- The queen of Darkness!
( I was forewarned that you are into morbid mood but this one still took me by surprise :)

Jugal said...

AWESOME! El perfecto! Brilliant!