Monday, January 17, 2005


I'm tired, love.
Really really tired.
Tired of the knowing
And my inability of doing.

Tired of caring,
And healing and giving.
Tired of the voices
Seeking shelter in me.

Tired of it all.

Take me away then
Where the stardust
Shall cover my wounds.

Where the peace of the night,
Shall blanket it all.

Where I shall sleep,
And hear voices no more.

Where it wouldn't matter
If Mars found Venus at all.

Where I could curl up
Once again, in your arms,

And would not need to
Wake up again, any more.


:..M..: said...

You write so well. Your poetry is a class above the rest, I must say!

Planetsun said...

...If Mars found Venus at all.....

Wish i could express like you :)
But am trying to.