Thursday, January 20, 2005


wolves are unforgiving,
but never quiet.
come, bay at the erring moon.


shaam dhalte dhalte
hamara bhi kuch loot gayee hai
koi roko use, wah --
raat mein gul ho chali hai.


the still dancer said...

Hello there,
Thanks for dropping into my page, and for your comment. I couldn't really make out which post it was about though- I just got the notification on my email but somehow couldn't find it anywhere on my blog. Anyhow, thanks once again.

KuShaR said...

uske qadmon ke nishaan tak mit gaye,
parchaiyaee abhi baki thi,
woh mili to laga,yeh sach hai yaron,
usne kaha...tu kidnapper hai....tu nightmare hai...
parchayee aur sach ka farq jana yaron