Friday, June 09, 2017


Tom Cruise is Still Yummy.

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

This time the Mummy is scarier and more determined to make Tom Cruise hers. The idea is ancient. It was planted in practically every female brain when we saw him as Top Gun, so this movie becomes rather fun to watch. It is darker and scarier than the other films in the franchise. Russell Crowe makes an interesting addition offering the possibility of another sequel…

Main Review:    

Franchise films are boring because their universe does not change very much. The destruction in Transformers is similar as is the sandstorm, the scarab beetles, the Mummy movies have. Even horror films have their standard projectile vomiting, the upturned crucifixes, hands that emerge from bedding to pull victims inside and so on. That’s why it was interesting to see what Tom Cruise could bring to the new Mummy film.

He still has the body we saw in Jack Reacher, bulked up and ready to bare. His sidekick Sgt. Vail is played by Jake Johnson and he has the most fun, first as someone who is reluctant to join the mad search for a Egyptian tomb by Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), then as the undead when he helps Nick through the Mummy troubles.

The gorgeous Sophia Boutella plays the Mummy, ready to stab Nick and turn him into Satan himself. You have never seen anything in bandages look so good. Annabelle Wallis plays the good girl and she needs to either scream in terror or look terribly concerned. It’s Russell Crowe who has a terribly interesting role as Dr. Henry Jekyll. You know he’s got the lab and the money and the power, but you want to know more about him. Perhaps in the next movie.

The Mummy comes alive in every movie, but in this one, the scenes are genuinely scary. Even someone as shockproof as I am, wasn’t expecting the mind games the mummy plays, the crows and the rats…

The relentless ‘I want you’ message from the Mummy does not get stale at all. This movie turns out to be a better watch than one thought. And yes, you get a peek into the bare nekked body of Tom Cruise. Paisa Vasool that!  

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