Friday, May 05, 2017


It’s here when your heart really goes, ‘Ooga Chaka, Ooga Ooga!’

3 starry stars!

Mini Review:

Marvel did great when they put a band of misfits together kicking and screaming, bound together with great wisecracks set in a universe that has space pirates and intergalactic villains like Ronan. The second film is even crazier, offering tributes to Star Wars and heroes. At three hours, it’s a long watch, but patience pays!

Main Review:

The second edition of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy does not let you rest for a minute! It assaults you with spectacular colors and action that is so non stop, you need to take off your 3D glasses and rest for a moment. But that would mean missing out exactly what Rocket the Raccoon is saying, or singing, or what baby Groot is up to or stupendous dialog delivery by Drax:

‘Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are so fast I would catch it…’

And it’s fun because Raccoon is talking about the futility of speaking in metaphors…

Okay, that’s enough giving away fun parts from the film. BOOK YOUR TICKET.

Oh yes, the Star Wars tribute… If you missed it on the posters, then you’ll find it in everything Kurt Russell says to Peter Quill.

I loved Mantis, the new character introduced in this sequel. Drax and Mantis are so much fun together, as are interactions between baby Groot and Rocket the Raccoon.

The fantasy world that the Guardians get lured into and the final fight/destruction take too long, but are visual spectacles, so I cannot really complain there. There are moments when you think that part one was more fun, but there is so much awesome action in this part that you miss the repartee only for a whisker. You will appreciate the encounter between the ravagers and Rocket as much as I did. But most of all, you like the Blue pirate, Yondu. Despite his ugly teeth, he earns your loyalty because he whistles to his arrow. What a kewl character!

Funnily, I have enjoyed the alien characters more than the hero, Peter Quill. He’s too milky white. No greys there. And then it strikes me, in Star Wars, we discuss Vader and Chewbacca and Han Solo more than we do Luke!

Watch the film! It expands the Marvel Universe brilliantly. The ‘Band of Idiots’ as Gamora calls them in the first part become a part of your superhero lexicon. And yes, he’s dead, but I still want Ronan action figure!

P.S. We are Groot!

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