Friday, February 03, 2017


Action! Action! And More Action!

3 stars

Mini Review:

Even if you have not seen a single Resident Evil movie (yes, this is the sixth film in the series) you will be drawn into the story immediately and you will love the crazy body count and the action set pieces. Milla Jovovich just seems to get better and better at action with every film. And this film has action from scene one. There are zombies and monstrous creatures galore to keep your eyes glued to the screen. As they say, ‘Paisa Vasool!’ (Value for money!)

Main Review:

Milla Jovovich has perfected that stare which you can see on the posters everywhere. She’s reprising her role as Alice, the enemy number one of Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella Corporation is responsible for the release of the T-Virus that has wiped out most of the Earth’s population.

This movie tells us why the zombies have been unleashed upon the world. The zombies are as creepy as ever, running in hoards after live people, which are dwindling fast. Alice of course fights and fights every hoard with newer tricks up her sleeve. Milla Jovovich is in superb physical condition and nothing she does seems to be out of whack or impossible. Considering that the film is the result of a video game, the action in the film is just as satisfying.

The creatures that have evolved from the deadly T-Virus are scary. The first encounter with the creature keeps your heart in your mouth and the popcorn in your hands. The tank with the zombies running after the hapless victim tied to the tank is just as heart-stopping an event as the zombies trying to get to the resistance.

The resistance is made up of people who trust Milla as much as it is made up of those who don’t. But they have one common enemy and their numbers are growing. But time is running out on the one hope Alice has: To reach the headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation and find the antidote…

The one hour forty seven minute ride outrunning zombies, fighting baddies, falling down, getting beaten up and dealing with the Tyrant - Dr. Issacs who just won’t die. You will find yourself whooping and cheering the violence instead of being horrified by it, but then that’s the nature of this film series. The film gets an ‘A+’ for action. What else is there?

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